The Very First Blog

Nov. 3rd 2012

So this is the very first Münchner Freiheit blog post ever!
From now on
 every week we will post an update on what we are doing, where we are, or just some interesting story combined with one or two pictures, so you can dive into the Münchner Freiheit experiences.

To start us off here is our blog post for this week.

At the moment we are in Kaunertal, Austria to check out new routes and hotels through the alps from Munich to Italy, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Kaunertal is a 45 minute drive away from the Swiss and Italien boarder and 1:45 hours from the boarder to Liechtenstein.
The town itself is known for it's glacier and the hotel we stay in right now. It was the first wheelchair accessale hotel in the alps, because the owner's son is in a wheelchair himself. The remote town with its farmers lives mainly from tourism and lies far of from any bigger civilisation. To get to the top of the glacier we drive up, a meandering mountain road, sometimes through layers of fog that make us feel like we are driving abov the clouds, once we break through. Even more stunning is the view of the glacier, once we arrive at the top.

Also check out the
webcams and some more pictures

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