This year is a special year, we are looking back on more than 30 years of Münchner Freiheit guided tours; we have traveled on all five inhabited continents and continued to improve our tours every year through new experiences.

MF is big enough for tours like Patagonia, but on the other hand we are still small enough to be flexible for individual and private tours. We will always make time to listen to you and your wishes in order to create the perfect tour for you. 

Our tours cross the highest passes, taking in the most breathtaking scenery, impressive roads, and lovely traditional hotels, stopping at places of interest with historical significance and enjoying delicious local food along the way! 
Our philosophy is to have one price with no hidden costs. Our package includes multilingual tour guides, latest car models of your choice, comfortable hotel accommodation, three fine meals a day, road tolls, visitation/ sight seeing program and car insurance.

There are many reasons why we love car tours. Some are as individual as the drivers themselves. But, there is one overwhelming reason most of us enjoy the tour: It's freedom, the unique feeling you get when you sail along the landscape just a few feet above the ground in an open convertable. You can see the sky and the landscape as you've never seen it before because you are a moving force, you become part of it. You can feel the temperature change from the bottom of the hill to the top. You can literally smell the roses as life flies by.'s like floating through a different painting every few minutes and you are alone with your thoughts and in complete control.

Start your dream under the beautiful blue and white skies of Bavaria and discover the unique experiences of a Münchner Freiheit car tour. 



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